Summit Agenda

2024 SIM Women Leadership Summit Agenda

Our Summit tracks are: Exemplify, Empower, and Educate.

Exemplify is for female C-suite leaders, Empower is for those making their way up the ranks, and Educate is for those who wish to learn – either greater technical knowledge or more on mentoring, philanthropy and STEM Outreach. 

At the SIM Women Leadership Summit, we focus on leadership. We have sessions on board pursuit, race relations in tech, DEI & Belonging, personal development & well-being, communications & storytelling, empathy and engagement, global data privacy, security, as well as angel funding for diverse female and LGBTQ+ founders, and how to hire diverse talent. 

We focus on those topics that are relevant to the leaders we need to be today and into tomorrow. 

Monday, May 13

6:00 - 7:00 PM

SIM Women Welcome Reception

Las Colinas Foyer

7:30 - 10:30 PM

Exclusive Showing of "Show Her The Money"

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse Toyota Music Factory

"Show Her The Money" is a documentary about raising awareness of the underfunding of women, and the solutions on the horizon to change this. SIM Women has rented a theater at the Toyota Music Factory (walking distance to the hotel) and will have a showing of the movie on the evening of May 13th.

Features Q&A after the film with:

  • Kelly Ann Winget of Alternative Wealth Partners
  • Joy Fairbanks of Portola Valley Partners
  • Vicky Pasche of Dapper Boi

Tuesday, May 14

7:30 - 8:30 AM

Mentoring Circles & Breakfast

Las Colinas DE

Mentoring Circles are the best way to kick off the SIM Women Leadership Summit! Attendees engage in dynamic mentoring circles during breakfast, fostering enriching discussions and personal growth. During the registration process, participants will have the opportunity to choose from a range of compelling topics such as AI & Machine Learning, Board Readiness and Pursuit, and Unconscious Bias, among others, aligning with their interests and goals. Led by experienced SIM Women Mentors, each table becomes a hub of insightful conversation, providing invaluable guidance and support. Whether exploring pathways to board positions, honing leadership skills, or navigating diversity and inclusion challenges, these mentoring circles offer a platform for attendees to enhance their professional development and forge lasting connections within the vibrant SIM Women community.

8:30 - 9:40

Welcome & Opening Keynote

Las Colinas DE

The Empathy Dilemma: How to Balance the Needs of Your People with the Demands of the Business

Maria Ross, Empathy Advocate, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Podcaster

All across the globe, organizations are becoming more human-centric. They've jettisoned old paradigms of success that center on endless overtime and constant employee sacrifice. They've tied success to purpose and workforce morale and helped people balance personal and professional needs as their priorities change. They've made shifts that are both necessary and positive.

But now, those striving to be empathetic leaders are experiencing the dark side: Taking on extra work, avoiding conflict, spending too much time on personal issues, or simply burning out from trying to balance concern for colleagues with the needs of the business.

How can we remain human-focused and inclusive, and still maintain high performance, personal boundaries, and our own mental health, without being treated like villains?

In this timely talk by empathy advocate, TEDx speaker, podcaster, and strategist, Maria Ross, author of the The Empathy Edge and the forthcoming The Empathy Dilemma: How Successful Leaders Balance Performance, People, and Personal Boundaries, goes back to the basics of what empathy is, and what it isn’t. She details where leaders struggle to navigate complex differences while still creating an inclusive, high-performing environment. Ross shares the Five Pillars of Effective Empathetic Leadership and offers actionable tactics to shore up these pillars for yourself.

You will leave inspired to embrace the new human-centered workplace, deliver bottom-line results, and create real change without sacrificing accountability or your own mental health!  

9:40 - 9:50

Transition Break

9:50 - 10:30


EDUCATE | Architecting Out Biases: a Deep Dive in Enterprise Architecture | Anu Ganesh
Las Colinas F
In a world where biases are implicit, how can we strive to remove them? Is the attempt to do a Fool's folly? No.

Machine learning is filled with human biases. The work to reduce or remove them involves a greater human quotient. We need to respect more, talk more, and stay focused on ethics. Through collective decisions, shared vision, and asking more "why?" questions, we can create effective architectural frameworks.  In this architectural deep dive, Anu Ganesh will share how focusing on our humanity will actually help us reduce the human biases in design.

EMPOWER | Upgrade Your Brand At Work, Change Your Life | Cher Jones
Las Colinas DE

In this session Cher Jones will challenge every technology leader and professional in the room to upgrade their personal brand at work so they can take charge of their own success. She'll EMPOWER your ability to effectively position and communicate your value  to your clients and colleagues, your leadership team as well as the business, both in person and online, anytime! By leveraging her Branded at Work Value Framework and making the 5 recommended personal brand upgrades you will build a brand that helps you thrive in your current role, build your future career and position yourself as a valuable asset to your company's brand.

EXEMPLIFY | Be Seen: Board Visibility | Daphne Jones & Maria Lensing, Moderated by Rebecca Gasser
Las Colinas AB
Whether you are looking to gain visibility with your corporate board or garner visibility to obtain a board seat elsewhere, look where you’re standing, because these goals intersect. Hear from board members and board coaches on how you can Be Seen and secure your board seat!

10:30 - 11:00

Networking Break

Las Colinas Foyer

11:00 - 11:40


EDUCATE | Deep Dive: Cybersecurity - Threat Eye with Glad | Gladman Dibi
Las Colinas F
Gladman Dibi is a seasoned cybersecurity expert renowned for his strategic insights and technical proficiency in Architecture and Incident response.  Please join us for a discussion on how your organization can benefit from a  threat intelligence program to help navigate today's ever-evolving threat landscape. With years of experience and a deep understanding of cybersecurity challenges, Gladman's expertise promises to shed light on crucial strategies to stay ahead of emerging threats.

EMPOWER | Owning Our Voices | Navixha Bagga
Las Colinas AB
Recognizing internal and external barriers is vital for our journey to empowered leadership, as women. Whether rooted in self-doubt or industry impositions, these challenges hinder our growth in roles demanding capable, widely accepted, and unapologetic leadership. Overcoming these obstacles involves dismantling self-imposed limitations and addressing systemic biases. By doing so, we empower ourselves and contribute to a broader narrative of inclusivity and effective leadership.

EXEMPLIFY | Ethics and Risk Management for our AI-enabled Future | Dr. Quintin McGrath, D.B.A.
Las Colinas DE
The AI revolution is upon us, and IT leaders must be at the forefront. This exciting “new intersection” comes with tremendous opportunities, complex ethical considerations, and potential risks. In this session, we will equip you with insights and frameworks to navigate these multifaceted ethical dilemmas and provide you with proactive risk management strategies to guide your way. Join us and become your organization’s Responsible AI champion!

11:40 - 11:50

Transition Break

11:50 - 12:15


EDUCATE | Cultivating Diverse Tech Talent Pipelines as Women Leaders | Caitlyn Brazill
Las Colinas AB
Women continue to be dramatically underrepresented in tech roles - and women of color even more so. Women make up 47% of the U.S. workforce, and as of 2022, they only make up 28% of the tech industry. As sponsors, mentors, and coaches, SIM women help early-career women technologists up the career ladder every day. But how are you advocating for talent acquisition and development strategies that bring new pools of talent into the workforce? This session will offer practical solutions for companies that want to recruit and retain women technologists and offer insight into the real-life experiences of women launching & leading careers in technology with the help of Per Scholas, a non-profit talent developer advancing equity across the U.S.

EMPOWER | Go after the “Ask” | TianEn Stephenson
Las Colinas F
When was the last time you just asked for something, even when it felt uncomfortable or uncertain? TianEn is the author of “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed: the recipe of asking and getting what you want in the workplace,” and these principles have become the cornerstone for her career advancement and the root of her assertiveness in pursuit of her personal and professional goals and aspirations. She will provide strategies to pursue your ambitions confidently, embrace the "ask," and conquer obstacles and fears to unlock your potential. Whether aiming for a promotion, negotiating a raise, or pursuing a passion project, this session equips you with the mindset and tools to boldly chase your aspirations. Together, let's break barriers, embrace ambition, and go after the “ask.”

EXEMPLIFY | From Data to Action: How NPower’s Command Shift Coalition is Activating Diversity in Tech for Lasting Equity | Candice Dixon, NPower
Las Colinas DE
Women in the U.S. represent nearly two-thirds of people working in the 40 lowest-paid jobs including servers, hotel clerks and retail staff. However, per NPower’s Command Shift Coalition’s Equation for Equality report, women using basic tech skills in these positions, such as a digital cash register, possess the ability to transfer into full tech positions. To help women capitalize on these opportunities and advance their own economic mobility, the coalition developed two initiatives: The Diversity Directive, a dynamic set of resources to help companies increase the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women from underrepresented communities, including women of color, and Path2TECH, a new tech training pilot course to help women transfer skills from other industries to adapt to the in-demand tech field. At the SIM Women’s Conference, attendees will become equipped and empowered with data-driven resources and strategies to advocate for the advancement of women from under-resourced communities into the tech workforce.

12:15 - 1:15

Luncheon & Keynote

Las Colinas DE

1:15 - 2:15

KEYNOTE: (Un)Common Ground Storytelling Series with ITSMF and HITEC

Las Colinas DE

Storytellers: Lisa Caraballo-Delly, Ricardo De La Cruz, Leona Thomas 
Moderated by Cher Jones

The social injustice tragedies that took place in 2020 crystalized an existing need within the technology community to empower all leaders to have conversations about race in the workplace. The Society for Information Management (SIM) and Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) have partnered on a quarterly webinar series titled (Un)Common Ground bringing together members from our organizations to share their personal narratives surrounding career origins and journeys, leadership development and advancement, and the impact of race, bias, and lack of inclusion. In previous sessions, we focused on Black/White or Black/White/Latinx panelists, but life isn't "either/or." In line with our conference theme, our next session will feature biracial/multi-cultural individuals. This session will be a powerful discussion on identity and intersectionality. 

The intentions behind the (Un)Common Ground series are to:

  • Educate and equip our leaders to lead a multi-cultural organization (closing ignorance gap, empathy) and share strategies, data, and tools
  • Raise awareness of the challenges for Black & Hispanic leaders in technology - both conscious and unconscious
  • Create more sensitivity and openness around the advancement of people of color in tech
  • Encourage leaders to have difficult conversations because the understanding and trust that is gained is priceless

We want the result of the series to be a call to action - not one that is demanded, but one that is offered. We're hopeful that attendees will be inspired and strive to remove obstacles and bias from their hiring and promoting practices, be deliberate in their development and inclusion across their teams and have stronger relationships and engagement with their peers and employees.

2:15 - 2:45

Networking Break

Las Colinas Foyer

2:45 - 3:15


Talent Trends: Data & Insights | Amanda Mathieson, Info-Tech Research Group
Las Colinas AB
Balance is critical whether looking at bringing together AI and people, in-office and remote work, technical and soft skills, or productivity and employee wellbeing, IT leaders must find the right balance for both their organizations and their employees.  The Info-Tech Research Group Talent Trends Report outlines four critical areas impacting leaders now and in the future world of work.  Explore the research and more importantly, actions you can take to navigate new intersections ahead!


The Evolution of Integration in Today's Modern Connected World | Yatin Dhareshwar, YASH Technologies
Las Colinas F
As more organizations seek to evolve from B2C and B2B models into B2Ecosystems, seamless integration becomes paramount. We'll explore how integration serves as the cornerstone for seamlessly connecting various partners and components within these ecosystems. Gain insights into the importance of integration for fostering connectedness, enabling real-time responsiveness, and enhancing digital experiences. By showcasing different scenarios, we'll illustrate how integration empowers organizations to adapt and thrive in this dynamic environment. Join us to discover the Transformative Power of Integration.

3:15 - 3:25

Transition Break

3:25 - 4:05


EDUCATE | Building an Effective AI Digital Strategy - Balancing Innovation and Implementation Risks | Hsing Hsing Li
Las Colinas F
AI has been the "shiny new object" in technology that captured everyone's imagination.  From consumers to board rooms, AI elicits a full range of reactions from skeptics to disciples.  In addition to regulatory and security risks, AI add-ons proliferate the vendor ecosystem and AI builders can close shop overnight.  What are the landmines technology leaders need to navigate around to ensure a sustainable AI roadmap?

In this deep dive on AI, Hsing-Hsing Li will discuss how technology leaders drive AI strategy for the enterprise and identify winning opportunities among the hype. 

EMPOWER | C-Suite Bootcamp | Joan Holman, Fern Johnson, Elaine Norman & Angela Venuk
Las Colinas DE
If you've got a drill sergeant yelling in your face, you better listen. We've gathered our group of C-Suite drill sergeants to share their "truths" on how to sail over the last hurdles to joining the C-suite and becoming a true leader. Not every truth is easy to hear, but most of us need to hear it and then put the advice into action!

EXEMPLIFY | Your New Title: Investor | Kelly Ann Winget, Joy Fairbanks, Vicky Pasche, Moderated by Liz Collins
Las Colinas AB
So often today we see "AI" and think "Artificial Intelligence" but for this session, we're going to focus on why your next title should include "AI" as in "Accredited Investor." Whether from a sense of giveback or a means of growing your portfolio, women leaders should become educated about private equity and venture capital. In this discussion with Kelly Ann Winget from Alternative Wealth Partners and the "Show Her The Money" documentary, you'll learn how you can grab your piece of the $30 Trillion that's up for grabs as well as make a difference for female founders everywhere! 

4:05 - 4:15

Transition Break

4:15 - 5:10

Closing Keynote & Closing Remarks

Las Colinas DE

IF/THEN®: Shifting Culture With STEM Role Models

Nicole Small, CEO, Lyda Hill Philanthropies

Nicole Small will join Kristen Lamoreaux for a fireside chat about her career’s span from venture capital to philanthropy, leading to her current role as CEO of LH Capital, Inc. and Lyda Hill Philanthropies offering a blend of both. Nicole is a co-founder of the IF/THEN® Initiative, empowering current STEM innovators and inspiring the next generation of pioneers. 

IF/THEN® is designed to activate a culture shift among young girls to open their eyes to STEM careers by

  1. Funding and elevating women in STEM as role models

  2. Convening cross-sector coalition members 

  3. Inspiring the next generation of world changers  

Nicole and Kristen will discuss how the IF/THEN® Initiative came to be, why representation and advancement in these key fields supports the solving of global challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

5:10 - 6:10 

Networking Cocktail Reception

Las Colinas Foyer