SIM Women Programs

In addition to our monthly webinars and regional networking events, SIM Women has programs available to help individual members:

Ladies who Lunch

"Ladies who Lunch” is a networking program for those ladies who are more comfortable in smaller networking groups. Let’s face it, it can be challenging to walk into a large networking event where you may not know a lot of people, let alone balancing your drink, cocktail plate and fork while shaking hands and digging out business cards! Sometimes in order to prevent starvation, you end up in a corner eating quickly to then stash the plate and get back to networking. The "Ladies who Lunch” program is for those women who want to connect with fellow SIM Women members on a smaller scale. Typically groups of 2-4 ladies will get together for lunch or drinks at an area restaurant. How the program works: Ladies from different geographies indicate they’d like to participate and then we set about matching them up with other women in the same geography. At a minimum, we’ll set up a phone call to get the ladies chatting. SIM Women is about building relationships – even if it’s connecting just two women at a time.

Call a Coach

"Call a Coach” for those ladies who would like situational Executive Coaching advice, but whose companies may not provide this benefit. There are times where we ask ourselves, "How do I keep ending up in these situations?” Because SIM Women has had numerous coaches speak at meetings or facilitate webinars, we have a network of folks who have offered to help our members. Typically if the issue is one that you just want to reality check, they will do a 30 minute call at no cost. Should the issue require more time, then that’s between you and the coach.

1:1 Mentoring

"1:1 Mentoring” program connects CIOs and IT Leaders with women who are coming up the IT ranks. Mentoring is a critical success factor in career advancement because it fosters open communication, increases self-awareness, and inspires individuals to new levels of achievement. When someone approaches us about securing a mentor, we attempt to match that person with 2 or 3 potential mentors in their geography. The Mentee then selects with whom they felt the most comfortable and the relationship then moves forward. We provide guidelines for both Mentor and Mentee to follow, but then we step out of the process. What is said and what progress made is between the Mentee and the Mentor. Not every company has strong leadership development or mentoring programs; SIM Women looks to fill in those gaps. Click here to sign up to be a mentor or be paired with a mentor.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss how SIM Women may be able to assist you.

Kristen Lamoreaux

Founder, SIM Women