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The 2024 Virtual Summit will be held on June 26, 2024.

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The SIM Women Leadership Summit has historically been in-person, but our monthly webinars and Regional Meetings have always been virtual. Our members and corporate partners appreciate the flexibility to engage and grow their teams without the additional expense of travel.

We will be hosting a half-day Virtual Summit separately from the in-person SIM Women Leadership Summit. 

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Sponsorships are available, and registration is included with sponsorship. Contact Kristen Lamoreaux for special SIM Vendor Member sponsorship opportunities. 

In fairness to our sponsors, solution partner/vendor organizations who are not SIM members will not be permitted to participate unless they are sponsoring the Leadership Summit.


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2024 Virtual Summit Speakers


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Summit Speakers

2024 Virtual Summit Agenda

All times listed on the agenda are in Eastern Standard Time

Wednesday, June 26

12:25 - 12:30 PM

Gathering Time

12:30 - 12:40 PM

Opening Remarks

12:40 - 1:25 PM

Opening Keynote

Ballroom to Boardroom

Yamila Harris, Kristen Lamoreaux (Moderator)

They say that if you're not uncomfortable, you're not growing. When was the last time you challenged yourself to do something new? Something where the risk of public embarrassment was high? Something so outside your comfort zone, you were negotiating with yourself about how bad you'd fail before you'd even begun? Learn from our opening keynote, Yamila Harris, SVP, Global Head of IT Support and User Experience, Munich Re, how to achieve a growth mindset that applies to both your personal and professional goals. In a fireside chat with Kristen Lamoreaux, founder of SIM Women, Yamila will share her insights, cultivating a competitive nature, and leveraging her "IT brain" in the most creative of ways on her "Ballroom to Boardroom" journey!

1:25 - 1:30 PM

Movement Break

1:30 - 1:55 PM


Exemplify Track

Culture & Strategy: Who Wins?

Julia Anderson, Fariba Marvasti, Doug Ash (moderator)

We all know the saying, “Strategy Eats Culture for Breakfast” but leaders need both to align if they are to be successful. Learn strategies and opportunities you can leverage from this dynamic discussion with two CIOs - Julia Anderson and Fariba Marvasti - moderated by executive coach and former CIO, Doug Ash.

In the battle of Culture & Strategy, you as the leader need to set both, have them peacefully co-exist at the breakfast table, and leverage them both to achieve your team’s and your organization’s success.

Empower Track

Leveraging Your Network

Marny Lifshen

Many professionals have good intentions when it comes to networking, but few know how to unleash the massive power of a robust network. Common misconceptions about what it means to network leads many professionals to attend events and meet new people, but then fail to effectively build impactful professional relationships.

In her insightful yet practical presentation "Is Your Network Working for You?" executive coach Marny Lifshen helps participants to:

  • learn the true definition of networking and how it can make a measurable difference in their career
  • develop clear, targeted and achievable networking goals and plans
  • learn specific skills and tools to become a master networker
  • avoid common mistakes while networking in organizations and at events
  • understand how and when to actually leverage their network
  • overcome reluctance to ask their network for help

1:55 - 2:10 PM

Networking Break

2:10 - 2:35 PM


Exemplify Track

The How & Why Alternative Investments are for You!

Kelly Ann Winget

"Accredited Investor" is a phrase making its way among C-Suite leaders. Whether from a sense of giveback or a means of growing your portfolio, women leaders are educating themselves about alternative investments as well as, private equity and venture capital. In this discussion with Kelly Ann Winget from Alternative Wealth Partners and the "Show Her The Money" documentary, you'll learn about Alternatives and diversification while enjoying Kelly’s candor, sarcasm, and reaffirmation that each one of us needs to grab our piece of this marketplace!

Empower Track

The Leadership Trap

Jacqueline Baker

Author of, “The Unexpected Leader: Discovering the Leader Within You,” Jacqueline Baker highlights a selection of “Leadership Traps” we often fall into, but she also shares how to get out of them, and how you can emerge stronger, more astute, and a more prepared leader.

2:35 - 2:40 PM

Movement Break

2:40 - 3:05 PM

General Session

Ethics & Risk

Dr. Quintin McGrath 

The AI revolution is upon us, and IT leaders must be at the forefront. This exciting “new intersection” comes with tremendous opportunities, complex ethical considerations, and potential risks. In this session, we will equip you with insights and frameworks to navigate these multifaceted ethical dilemmas and provide you with proactive risk management strategies to guide your way. Join us and become your organization’s Responsible AI champion!

3:05 - 3:20 PM

Networking Break

3:20 - 3:45 PM


Exemplify Track

Change Management Mindsets

Anjana Harve

The importance of Change Management in an ever-changing world cannot be ignored. How much we ask of our teams and business partners is often predicated on the questions, “How much change can they absorb?” Will they do it? How hard will they resist?” What if we shift the question to, “How do we change their mindset?” Anjana Harve has led small, agile teams to large global enterprises, and she will share her insights and experiences regarding “Change Management Mindsets.”

Empower Track

Go for the ASK 

TianEn Stephenson

When was the last time you just asked for something, even when it felt uncomfortable or uncertain? TianEn is the author of “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed: the recipe of asking and getting what you want in the workplace,” and these principles have become the cornerstone for her career advancement and the root of her assertiveness in pursuit of her personal and professional goals and aspirations. She will provide strategies to pursue your ambitions confidently, embrace the "ask," and conquer obstacles and fears to unlock your potential. Whether aiming for a promotion, negotiating a raise, or pursuing a passion project, this session equips you with the mindset and tools to boldly chase your aspirations. Together, let's break barriers, embrace ambition, and go after the “ask.”

3:45 - 3:50 PM

Movement Break

3:50 - 4:35 PM

Closing Keynote

The ROI of Empathy: How Empathy Impacts Performance and Tips to Strengthen Your Muscle
Maria Ross, Maryfran Johnson (moderator)

For those of you who saw empathy advocate, author, and strategist Maria Rioss on the mainstage in Dallas, you learned how to balance empathy and accountability through strategic use of the Five Pillars of Effective Empathic Leadership. But how about a refresher on how to actually strengthen your own empathy muscle if it's atrophied due to stress, environment, or current workplace demands? Join Kristen Lamoreaux and Maria Ross in a unique interview as they walk you step by step through the bottom line ROI of empathy and share actionable habits for strengthening your own empathy, as well as creating a culture of empathy within your team.

4:35 PM

Closing Remarks