Summit Agenda

Summit Agenda

Our Summit tracks are: Exemplify, Empower, and Educate.

Exemplify is for female C-suite leaders, Empower is for those making their way up the ranks, and Educate is for those who wish to learn – either greater technical knowledge or more on mentoring, philanthropy and STEM Outreach. 

At the SIM Women Leadership Summit, we focus on leadership. We have sessions on board pursuit, race relations in tech, DEI & Belonging, personal development & well-being, communications & storytelling, empathy and engagement, global data privacy, security, as well as angel funding for diverse female and LGBTQ+ founders, and how to hire diverse talent. 

We focus on those topics that are relevant to the leaders we need to be today and into tomorrow. 

Take a look at some of the sessions that will be included!

The First, The Few, The Only

The SIM Women Leadership Summit is excited to announce our closing keynote speaker: Deepa Purushothaman - author of "The First, The Few, The Only." Deepa Purushothaman is a global leader in the vital, on-going dialogue for workplace diversity, racial inclusion, and leadership initiatives for women of color. She triumphed over her personal challenges of isolation and burnout as a high-level executive at Deloitte, and broke new ground for women of color as the first Indian American woman and one of the youngest people to make Partner at the company. As Deloitte’s National Managing Partner of Inclusion, Deepa spearheaded its world-renowned program for recruiting and empowering women in the workplace.

Deepa is also the co-founder of nFormation, a company which provides a brave, safe, and new space for professionals who are women of color. She says that women of color are ready to “alter existing narratives, change the game, and lead in a brand-new landscape”—they just need the resources to get there.

In her book The First, the Few, the Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power In Corporate America, Deepa shares the wisdom she gained from interviewing hundreds of other women of color across many different industries and cultural backgrounds. She teaches readers how to shed harmful messages in the workplace, navigate challenging corporate situations, and expand the future of what leadership looks like. Publisher’s Weekly called the book “empowering” and a “fresh, worthy addition” to our conversation about diversity.

(Un)Common Ground

The social injustice tragedies that took place in 2020 crystalized an existing need within the technology community to empower all leaders to have conversations about race in the workplace. The Society for Information Management (SIM) and Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) are partnering on a quarterly webinar series titled (Un)Common Ground bringing together members from our organizations to share their personal narratives surrounding career origins and journeys, leadership development and advancement, and the impact of race, bias, and lack of inclusion.

The SIM Women Leadership Summit will feature two female CIOs – one black, one white – who will share their personal stories and then participate in a moderated Q&A. We are bringing together Fern Johnson, CTO Vice President - Sector CTO & Delivery at PepsiCo and Julia Anderson, Chief Technology & Information Officer at Campbell Soup Company to share their personal stories and career journeys as we continue to explore "(Un)Common Ground." The discussion will be moderated by Raquel Tamez, Chief Inclusion & Engagement Officer of Charles River Associates. Raquel will also lead a follow-on workshop on "Race & Grace." 

The intentions behind the (Un)Common Ground series are to:

  • Educate and equip our leaders to lead a multi-cultural organization (closing ignorance gap, empathy) and share strategies, data, and tools
  • Raise awareness of the challenges for Black leaders in technology - both conscious and unconscious
  • Create more sensitivity and openness around the advancement of people of color in tech
  • Encourage leaders to have difficult conversations because the understanding and trust that is gained is priceless

We want the result of the series to be a call to action - not one that is demanded, but one that is offered. We're hopeful that attendees will be inspired and strive to remove obstacles and bias from their hiring and promoting practices, be deliberate in their development and inclusion across their teams and have stronger relationships and engagement with their peers and employees.

Using Storytelling to Enhance Performance & Purpose

Great stories are hypnotic. They engage us on every level of our humanness. Great stories change the way we think and feel. And we never forget them. How are you leveraging stories within your team? Does your brand communicate your purpose? Doug Keeley, CEO & Chief Storyteller from Stories Rule!, is one of the world’s most dynamic and experienced practitioners at using stories to drive performance. Drawing on his company’s incredible library of video stories, he will inspire and challenge you as leaders, and guide you to use stories with your teams.

The Girl Who Climbed Everest

When we think, "I need to do something," most don't think of climbing Mount Everest. We certainly wouldn't consider climbing Mount Everest successfully with only two years' of climbing experience, but that's just what Bonita Baxter did. You don't want to miss her lessons learned and truly harrowing tale of how she became the youngest woman in the UK to summit Mount Everest despite the all the odds against her - and how she almost died on the way down.  

Matriarch: Create Alliances with the Woman Within You

As a female leader who navigated leaving home at a very early age, going through Marine Corps boot camp, and climbing the corporate ladder, Kimberly Tableman helps you think about your YOU-nique strengths, how to leverage them, how to make mistakes and how to learn from them. In addition, she highlights how to learn to love yourself and your unique gifts, and how to appreciate gifts in other women to create companies, products, communities, and change in the world. Topics include: nonconformance, crooked career paths, being present, challenging yourself, and learning what it means to grow in your career valleys.

Transition, Transformation & Transcendence: Getting to Your Second Mountain

Throughout her career, Raquel Tamez has made it her mission to bring greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to traditionally male-dominated industries. Her leadership philosophy centers on the “Three Ts”: transition, transformation and transcendence. Raquel will discuss these concepts in greater detail, along with what we as women leaders can do to empower one another—and the next generation of female talent.

Data Driving Risk

When approaching 200 mph, every second it takes to make a decision is life-endangering. Despite her body screaming that what she's about to do next was impossible, the data proved that the car could do what she was about to ask it to do - go faster! Hear Tania Mann, Credit & Client Technology Chief Operating Officer at Credit Suisse, highlight how her reliance on "Data Driving Risk" coupled with her tenacity made her the first woman to compete in the prestigious Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain where she emerged Pro-Am-2 Vice Champion in her debut season. 

Mitigating Bias in AI

How do you identify and manage AI BIAS in your organization?  AI Bias is defined as " A phenomenon that occurs when an AI algorithm produces results that are systemically prejudiced due to erroneous assumptions in the machine learning process.

AI Systems are becoming an embedded and a critical component of the decision-making process in all parts of the organization from marketing, personalization, lending, pricing etc. Managing AI Bias is becoming a very critical component for organizations as they can impact Consumer Trust, Brand reputation and Loss of market opportunities.
Learn the different types of biases that can impact your AI and Machine Learning platform:
  • How biased data sets can lead to under-representation of certain identities in a way that does not reflect society
  • How AI model development bias creates inaccurate predictions and outputs for certain subset of the population
  • How to solidify AI Model transparency, explainability and accountability
You'll also learn AI Bias mitigation strategies and upcoming regulations in AI governance in this powerful session! 

Think Big. Start Small. Learn Fast.

Join Sarah Angel-Johnson, Chief Information Officer of Save the Children on how she cultivates leaders and teaches them how to "Think Big. Start Small. Learn Fast." 

Diversity in Funding Founders

Our panel of funders is focused on reaching diverse founders! Each organization has a key focus or mission behind their work whether that means funding female founders, LGBTQ+ founders, or Latina and Black or Asian founders. They want to increase the diversity in venture capital regardless of your at Angel Investment status, Series B, or ready to go IPO.

Also, if you’ve ever thought of leveraging angel investing as a part of your giveback, you’ll want to connect with these organizations!

Fast-track Your Board Seat

For years we’ve thought we needed to start our board pursuit via a non-profit board or graduating from a board prep class. We’ve also been told that if you are excellent at your job, you’ll gain visibility and boards will find you. Here’s another option: Venture firms are looking for diverse board members for companies within their portfolio. If you have a desire to gain board experience, a fast-track may be via venture capital firms. Hear from our expert on new strategies to your seat at the board table!

Talent Challenges & Solutions

In the last eighteen months, if you wanted to hire, you’ve seen more competition than in the last decade. A candidate-driven market has led to concessions, compromises, and lowering employee morale of long-tenured employees. How can you secure the talent you need and retain the talent you have without breaking budgets? What creative enrichments are companies offering to woo leaders who have two, three, or even four choices? Hear from our panel of leaders on what’s worked, how they pivoted, and what strategies were forever-changed in the search for talent!

Win When They Say You Won't 

“Win When They Say You Won't” seeks to help mid-career women to navigate their objectives and transform their lives regardless of the microinequities, roadblocks or discrimination they may encounter from others or doubts they may have within themselves.
Daphne Jones will introduce a 4-step process allowing attendees to see how they can reimagine, improve, and attain a newer version of themselves. As you go through each step, you'll arm yourself with increasing capability to look at goals as business problems, using a business mindset and tools to achieve your objectives, and go to a higher level despite any roadblocks!

The Lines of Demarcation Around Data 

“Data is the new oil” reflects the global commodity approach to data, but when it is core to all facets of the business, who owns it? How is it secured? Data was first housed inside of IT, but then over 51% of companies moved it outside of IT. GDPR forced the hand of many organizations to centralize and put greater guidelines around data and contracts as to how data is being managed. Oh, and again, we need to secure it all. Hear from our panel of data leaders on how the triumvirate of Legal, IT, and Security need to work hand in hand for success.  

Should every “C” title stand for “Change?” 

We’ve proven in the last two years that humans can adapt. We’ve also proven that leaders MUST adapt to all that is thrown at them – despite fatigue, despite a lack of resources, despite all the beautiful 3-year plans we had yet to embark upon. But it’s not enough for leaders to “pivot,” the entire organization has to follow and if they’re not engaged, your risk is greater than you ever imagined. Hear and discuss solutions, strategies and frameworks you can adopt to help oil the gears of change and recharge your employee base to look at change as the opportunity it is!