Member Spotlight

SIM Women Member Spotlight:

Risa Fogel, Digital Innovation Leader for Bayer

Risa is Fogel is an analytical, innovative, and forward-thinking IT Executive who solves complex business challenges with thoughtful and clearly defined processes—with a passion for delivering “what’s next” and improving “what’s now”. As a cross-cultural leader, she leads high-performance, global teams who produce outstanding results and exceed organizational goals. Risa is a trusted leader known and respected for pioneering many business transformation initiatives that have led to multi-million-dollar cost-savings. As a global leader, she has more than 20 years of consistent career advancement, leadership, and accomplishment; she thrives on challenge and is known as an innovator, change driver, and process improvement expert.

—Recognized as an eminent thought leader, a true partner to all levels of the business, cultivating collaborative relationships for organizational and financial success.

—Partnered with corporate executive management teams in planning and executing dynamic, enterprise-level business strategies and global initiatives.

—Unique skills that include a combination of work as an IT strategist, visionary, turnaround specialist, company advocate, and lifelong mentor; expert at guiding, mentoring, and motivating teams to become more successful.

—Championed innovative and high-performance IT Transformation initiatives and ROI modeling programs that led to additional revenue and enhanced business visibility and transparency.
Risa has served as a New Jersey SIM board member and president and now resides in St. Louis and participates in their chapter.  Risa is a founding member of SIM Women and has been a champion of women in every company she has worked.  Thank you Risa for being an example others can emulate! 


The SIM Women Member Spotlight was created to shed light on the women of SIM who exemplify leadership, commitment, talent and drive in both their careers and within the SIM community.

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