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Inside SIM, we describe ourselves as at the "intersection of technology and business," and this is truer today than ever. Our 2024 SIM Women Leadership Summit theme is "New Intersections Ahead!" The thought leaders we've engaged for Summit are exploring old and new, tech and human, emotions and data, and the intersections of it all. People are so focused on the new side of AI/tech that they're missing that this isn't an "all-in" situation. The "and" we use is deliberate as thinking in terms of "versus" implies you could make the "wrong" choice or end up on the "wrong" side. We need to approach leadership with an even greater human quotient because the tech will enhance processing and analytical capabilities, while our reasoning, ethics, and ability to both adapt and engage our teams will be the skills most in demand to successfully navigate the changes ahead. Begin by identifying the intersection of where you are currently and the path that will take you where you want to be.
Whether you are focused on your own personal journey or the journey facing your team, the SIM Women Leadership Summit offers enlightening perspectives and guiding principles that will illuminate opportunities for growth. We have always helped organizations to augment their diversity in their leadership ranks and we're especially proud of this year's content as we are at a pivotal moment. The choices we make today will impact exponentially the access and opportunities for the next generation of female leaders. We need to understand the new intersections ahead as it will take engaging all hands and voices to create a future that is inclusive, equitable, and filled with opportunity.
The SIM Women Leadership Summit offers an engaging day of inspiring professional development and networking plus thought leadership and solutions across three tracks: EXEMPLIFY. EMPOWER. EDUCATE. Exemplify is for female C-suite leaders looking to grow beyond their current roles whether in terms of Board Pursuit, moving to a new CXO role, or investing in Private Equity to support diverse founders. Empower is for those striving to achieve a C-level position and we focus on what you need to sail over those last few hurdles. Educate is a split track for those who wish to learn - either greater technical depth for those who'd rather be a Chief Architect instead of a CDO, or greater emotional quotient depth to cultivate talent, improve mentoring, and philanthropic outreach.
Our Summit Council has curated topics relevant to technology leaders today along with a strong programming focus on diversity, equity, equality, inclusion, and belonging. This is your opportunity to engage and energize both yourself and your career! 
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If you are a C-Suite executive seeking fresh global leadership strategies, a board position, technical solutions, or how to get active in venture capital, our presenting thought leaders and Summit attendees combine to create and share energizing solutions and ideas.


For those who are working toward the C-Suite or leadership levels, we’ve developed sessions with a focus on solidifying top competencies including business acumen, board presence, and executive communication.


Whether you want to grow as a technical leader or expand your philanthropic network, you will have opportunities throughout the day to connect with brilliant minds and organizations mentoring individuals to achieve their greatest potential.

Unparalleled Networking & Career Development


Learn from amazing thought leaders and participate in our program specifically designed
to provide you with tools and strategies to take your career to the next level.


By attending the SIM Women Leadership Summit, you will learn:

  • How to review every aspect of your career through a Questioning Lens and then Own Your Decisions
  • Tactical listening and empathy strategies -- a critical component of leadership in the face of digitization
  • Leveraging Purpose: Whether you need to build team engagement or create a Culture of Belonging
  • Insights and advice from CIOs and executive search professionals on how to move your career forward
  • Influence is Everything: How to get buy-in for your vision, strategy, or projects and teams
  • As well as hear leading edge technologists share their insights on how to keep pace with technology! 


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If your organization would benefit from gaining visibility across 75,000 female technology leaders from around the country, or if your organization supports women in leadership and you want to solidify your branding, we will be delighted to assist in crafting a conference sponsorship package for you!

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Summit Partners

A core tenet of SIM Women is to advance women in leadership, diversity and inclusion, and STEM Outreach. Our amazing Summit Partners are non-profit organizations whose work ranges from local to national programs. We're delighted to offer them visibility via the Leadership Summit and encourage our members and attendees to see what a tremendous impact they could make by getting involved! 




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Job Board

Check out our Job Board page to learn how your organization can demonstrate your dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace!


SIM Women Leadership Library

provided by Whose Books Neighborhood Bookstore

SIM Women is excited to announce our Leadership Library which will be run by local bookstore, Whose Books Neighborhood Bookstore! The Leadership Library is a collection of hand-picked, insightful, and inspirational books curated by the SIM Women Summit Council.  Authors include DEI thought leaders, dynamic coaches, best-selling authors, and top global executives-both inside and beyond the SIM Women community-spotlighting leadership across key leadership themes. 

The Leadership Library is an important resource that will be shared exclusively with SIM Women Leadership Summit attendees on the day of the in-person event and Virtual Summit attendees on May 24th. Our Virtual Summit participants will have access to a curated selection of videos and white papers focused on technology, leadership, mentorship, DEI, as well as purchase links to each of the books offered in the Leadership Library.