SIM Women Summit


Do Something!

“Do Something!” is a battle cry that has echoed inside of SIM Women since our founding 15 years ago. Whether you are a CIO, a female tech founder, or a leader on your way up the ranks, we each have the power to make a difference in our careers, our organizations, and our industries.    

Our 7th national meeting - the SIM Women Leadership Summit - will be held on May 16, 2022, at the Westin Forrestal Village in Princeton, New Jersey.

The Summit offers an amazing community and networking, plus thought leadership and solutions across these tracks: EXEMPLIFY, EMPOWER, and EDUCATE. 

Our Summit Council has curated topics relevant to technology leaders today along with a strong programming focus on diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging. Our Summit Partners are amazing non-profit organizations working to affect change in IT diversity and STEM education.   

This is your opportunity to engage and energize both yourself and your career! We can accommodate ~300 attendees in person and an additional 500 attendees on the livestream! 

Don't miss out!!! 

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If you are a C-Suite executive seeking fresh global leadership strategies, a board position, technical solutions, or how to get active in venture capital, our presenting thought leaders and Summit attendees combine to create and share energizing solutions and ideas.


For those who are working toward the C-Suite or leadership levels, we’ve developed sessions with a focus on solidifying top competencies including business acumen, board presence, and executive communication.


Whether you want to grow as a technical leader or expand your philanthropic network, you will have opportunities throughout the day to connect with brilliant minds and organizations mentoring individuals to achieve their greatest potential.

Unparalleled Networking & Career Development


Learn from amazing women and participate in our program specifically designed to provide you with tools and strategies to take your career to the next level.



By attending the SIM Women Leadership Summit, you will learn:

  • Keys of digital disruption and how to adapt it for an organization of any budget
  • Tactical listening and empathy strategies -- a critical component of leadership in the face of digitization
  • The secrets of corporate activism: how you can be the one championing change inside your organization
  • Insights and advice from CIOs and executive search professionals on how to move your career forward
  • How to get buy-in for your vision: learn effective tools for securing the budget you need and inspiring action to enable your team to perform better
  • As well as hear leading edge technologists share their insights on how to keep pace with technology! 


Save Your Seat

Job Board

The SIM Women Leadership Summit has a fantastic SIM Women Job Board! The objective of this job board, which has been specifically crafted for our event, is to provide organizations the opportunity to show they are dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. We are thrilled to be able to offer companies greater exposure and branding as employers who are seeking diverse candidates for their technology and leadership positions. Organizations can list one or multiple job posting links on our SIM Women Job Board which will be visible to all SIM Women Leadership Summit attendees and all SIM Women members for 30 days -which totals over 2200 people!

SIM Women Leadership Library

SIM Women is excited to announce our Leadership Library which will once again be run by Barnes & Noble! The Leadership Library is a collection of hand-picked, insightful, and inspirational books curated by the SIM Women Summit Council.  Authors include DEI thought leaders, dynamic coaches, best-selling authors, and top global executives-both inside and beyond the SIM Women community-spotlighting leadership across key leadership themes. Our livestream participants will have access to a curated selection of videos and white papers focused on leadership, mentorship, DEI, as well as technology solutions. The Leadership Library is an important resource that will be shared exclusively with SIM Women Leadership Summit attendees on the day of the event.